If a traditional or contemporary bedroom doesn’t work for you, consider bespoke fitted bedrooms. Use the elements from traditional and contemporary bedrooms to guide you into creating your dream room. You can work closely with a contractor that will help you design and create the perfect bedroom that meets the needs of you and your home.
Style, Storage, and Savings: Benefits of a Bespoke Fitted Bedroom
Benefits of bespoke fitted bedrooms include flexibility with your initial design, the ability to maximise storage space, and a customised layout for your new bedroom.
Custom made bedrooms are ideal for customers that have specific ideas about what they want. They give you the ability to achieve your desired style and have more involvement in overall process. This is a great opportunity for a home owner to build the bedroom of their dreams.
Fitted bedrooms are also ideal for practical reasons. If your home has a small or irregular space, a bespoke fitted bedroom is the perfect solution. You can use bespoke furniture elements that will help maximise your space. You can get furnishings made to measure that will increase your storage space and the general flow of your bedroom.
Creating your own fitted bedroom is a great long term investment in your home. It enhances your property value and also allows you to save money in the future. What most people don’t realise is that bespoke fitted bedrooms are also affordable. Because a fitted bedroom includes bespoke furniture elements such as a built in wardrobe, you save money in having to buy new freestanding furniture. This will prove to save money for the duration of your time in your home.
Creating a Bespoke Fitted Bedroom – The Planning Stages
There are several things to consider when planning a bespoke fitted bedroom. The better prepared you are as a home owner, the more beneficial your relationship with your contractor can be resulting in the outcome you want. Adequate research and planning is highly recommended to ensure optimal results.
3 Important Elements to Consider
Space: Determine the layout that works best in the space available. Imagine the best positioning for larger items such as the bed and wardrobe. Visualising the end result will help you and your contractor determine the proper configuration for your fitted bedroom.
Design – Along with space, have some design ideas in mind when meeting with your contractors. Bring images and pictures of your dream bedroom.
Function – The functionality of your bedroom is one of the most important elements to consider. Home owners choosing bespoke fitted bedrooms may have a space or design issue preventing them from maximising their existing room. Consider things such as storage space for everyday items as well as old keepsakes. This allows the designer to determine where the main storage units should be placed and storage areas that don’t need to be accessed as often.